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Join the NGFN meeting

 11:00 Uhr

Meet us at the NGFN meeting in Berlin, 26-28 September.


Discuss your project with our experts:

Dr. Monika Dzuganova, Next Gen Specialist

Dr. Thorsten Kurz, Director Production Next Gen Sequencing

Dr. Kerstin Stangier, Director Business Development


Ask us for special discount for whole human genome and all exom projects!





 15:32 Uhr


GATC Biotech has a booth and you can meet us during the conference, 18-21 September, in Goettingen.


I will also give a talk on Tuesday, 20th at 6:45 pm: Characterization of Microbial Ecological Systems: a Multiplatform Approach.

Detailed information can be find here:


See you at the ProkaGENOMICS,



Attend the "Next Generation Sequencing for Research and Genomics" User Group Meeting on next Monday, 19 September in Basel during the MipTec.


I will give a talk at 4 pm with the title "Multiplatform-based sequencing" and give some new information on our PacBio RS. Registration for the MipTec can be done online and is for free.

More info:


See you in Switzerland,



Reminder! Workshop at the GfG!

 16:21 Uhr

Don't forget to meet us in Würzburg at our "Next Generation Sequencing" - Workshop on Thursday, 15 September!


Find more Details in our previous blog.

See you next week,



Attend the "Next Generation Sequencing" Workshop on Thursday, 15 September in Würzburg during the Annual Conference of the German Genetics Society (GfG).


17:00   Welcome; K.A. Stangier, Director Business Development, GATC Biotech (Konstanz/DE)
17:05   Pacific Biosciences Single Molecule Real Time (SMRT) DNA sequencing  system – technology, current & future applications;  R. Vogelsang, Sales Manager for Central Europe, Pacific Biosciences (Menlo Park/US)
17:30   Multiplatform project examples: combining 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation  sequencing for analysis of genomes and transcriptomes; K.A. Stangier, Director Business Development, GATC Biotech (Konstanz/DE)
17:50    The Value of Digital Sequencing; R. Babiel, VP & Project Lead 454 Sequencing, Roche Diagnostics GmbH  (Penzberg/DE)
18:15    Round table discussion and questions (all speakers)

Detailed information can be find here:

Please remark that you do not need to be registered for the GfG conference to attend the workshop!

Looking forward to seeing you there,


Feels great to me…. With all the leading sequencing technologies from ABI to GSFLX+, HiSeq 2000 and at least PacBio RS including bioinfo inhouse, we’re “fully furnished” with the latest technologies!

We’re really happy to provide PacBio RS officially now. Production has started, lots of projects are already scheduled.

Feel free to contact us. Our Next Gen Sequencing specialists will gladly discuss individual project design including multiple platform approaches with you!


PacBio workshop for the GATC team

 17:59 Uhr
|   by Elke Decker

Tough studying time on a hot summer afternoon: Ralph and Tobi from Pacific Biosciences trained the global sales team in all technical, scientific and sales aspects of the SMRT technology while doing several test runs on the instrument. They gave the team a very deep insight into the PacBio and revealed quite some valuable tips and hints. Had they been secrets so far?


Thanks for the trust, coaches!




Our PacBio RS has passed the acceptance tests. As promised by Terry Pizzie from Pacific Biosciences, the installation of our Single Molecule Sequencer has been completed successfully within 4 weeks after delivery! We have integrated the PacBio RS into the sequencing pipeline of GATC’s labs in Constance. It is now officially joining all leading sequencing technology platforms! Yeah!


Just got the detailed results from my magic PacBio run: 



Per SMRTcell:

Movie time = 30 minutes

Mean Mapped Read Length = 1346 bp

Accuracy = 86%

Mapped yield = 62.2 Mb

Well in excess of our specification. I’m not sure if this is because Kerstin started the run or not . . . .!

Regards, Toby



Seems I need to change my job and go back to the lab....



First results of the run

 10:51 Uhr

Toby from Pacific Biosciences just sent me an email:


Hi Kerstin, whatever you did to the instrument last night broke it! The lambda runs gave 1500bp mean readlength – for a 30 minute movie! Unglaublich!! You must have a magic touch.





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