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Our little friend Bodo will travel across Europe visiting our subsidiaries. He is thrilled to visit cities like Paris, London and Stockholm. Especially after the past busy weeks filled with trade fairs and our Global Sales Meeting.
You’re curious, if he will find some nice souvenirs for his birthday party? Read more soon.

At this years’ Analytica in Munich where we presented our products we met so many people and were pleased to notice the very positive interest all visitors showed in our company and in our products. Therefore we would like to grab the opportunity and say thank you very much to all of you for the fruitful discussions and the trust you place in our company.
The trade fair for laboratory technology, analysis and biotechnology attracted more than 34,400 visitors to Munich. The fair also had a record number of exhibitors: 1,142 companies from 40 countries participated, which is an increase of 11.3 percent (Source: Analytica 2014).


Vielen Dank für Ihren Besuch auf der Analytica 2014


GATC Biotech bedankt sich bei allen Kunden und Interessenten für Ihren Besuch und die vielen interessanten Gespräche und Anregungen auf der Analytica 2014
Vom 1. - 4. April 2014 fand die 24. Analytica in München statt. Mehr als 1.100 Aussteller aus 40 Ländern, haben hier die neuesten Marktentwicklungen der Labor-, und Biotechnologiebranche präsentiert und wieder einmal dazu beigetragen, dass die Analytica mit mehr als 34.400 Besuchern als internationaler Branchentreffpunkt eine Spitzenposition einnimmt (Quelle: Analytica 2014).
Großes Interesse fanden unsere Aktionen anlässlich des 15. Geburtstags unseres GATC BöxleTM. Mehr als 1000 haben wir an unsere Besucher verteilt. Viel Interesse weckte auch unser neuster Facebook-Wettbewerb , so dass wir nochmals 150 Bastelsets verteilen konnten. Unser Gewinnspiel „GATC BöxleTM - 15th anniversary competition“ fand auch regen Zuspruch, aber bisher gab es noch keinen Gewinner. Also weitermachen, es sind noch 5 Goldene Böxle im Gewinnspiel!

Once in Munich during Analytica, Bodo jumped at the chance to visit his great-grandfather in the “Deutsches Museum” in Munich. He was so excited to also see the “Direct Blotting Elektrophoresis System GATC 1500” developed by GATC founder Prof. Fritz Pohl. After the family reunion, Bodo Böxle is on the road again – safely delivering your samples to our sequencing facility.
Watch out for more news on Bodo’s anniversary journey across Europe.

Visit us @Analytica

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Promising conversations with interested potential and standing customers are essential. So far, besides a whole bunch of information material we also distributed hundreds of our GATC BöxleTM and Böxle handicraft sets. We are looking forward to meet some of them again at Facebook, dressed up as Bodo Böxle Friends.

Bodo Böxle @analytica

 10:50 Uhr

Bodo Böxle and his siblings are constantly away on business – always at your service. The first journey ever led him to Munich. 15 years later you can meet our birthday child at Analytica (Hall A3, Booth 106).

More than 50 interested people attended the first cross cluster meeting between cyberLAGO and BioLAGO e.V. The topic of yesterday evening’s event was IT safety. The key lecture was given by, Prof. Dr. Jürgen Neuschwander, Informatics Dean at Hochschule Konstanz - University of Applied sciences. He presented a conceivable horror scenario - A digital apocalypse initiated by cyber warriors and the consequences for today´s digitaly networked world. Afterwards, the audience had an extensive discussion about the challenges of the modern IT- infrastructure based on personal views and experience. A small get-together rounded the evening off and provided the opportunity to continue the discussions in a relaxed atmosphere.

It was a very interesting and successful evening and we are pleased to have sponsored this event.

GATC Biotech welcomed 30 young researchers at his headquarter in Constance. Dr. Chris Bauser gave an introduction to GATC Biotech, not only to SEE science but to dive into a world of genes and sequencing technology. A lab walk followed by a vivid discussion completed the visit. It was fun to have you here!

GATC Biotech is a well-known company on the French sequencing market. Today, pupils from the Mettnau School in Radolfzell visited GATC Biotech in the course of "DFJW-Entdeckungstag". The pupils got an insight  how a German sequencing company was established also in the French market. First, Chris Bauser (Project Manager BioIT) gave a general introduction to the different sequencing technologies used at GATC Biotech, followed by “out-of-the-box information” about GATC Biotech in general. Insights about the GATC Biotech in France were given by mother tongue Benjamin Moingeon (Director Sales Southern and Western Europe, America, Middle East). 

It has been a pleasure to have such interested students visiting GATC Biotech!

We welcomed MolecularHealth employees at our headquarter in Constance today. Staff from both companies brought our lately settled strategic collaboration to a more personalised level. We will contribute to the innovative TreatmentMAPTM platform with our experience in sequencing technologies and service, as well as in setting up standardized and validated automated processes. We all looking forward to exciting weeks ahead. Stay tuned to get a regular update until product launch taking place end of march.

Open-minded students from the University of Constance with a broad academic background were welcomed at GATC Biotech by Dr. Helge Schnerr (Head of Marketing & Communications). The scholarship holders of the “Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes” were impressed by the variety of different sequencing technologies available at GATC Biotech. A vivid discussion about the focus of GATC Biotech and the different approaches GATC Biotech’s services are used  for. At the end of the visit the students got the opportunity to see the NGS lab and the IT farm with impressive 160 servers.


GATC Biotech erhielt Besuch von Stipendiaten der Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes

Die Studenten der Universität Konstanz wurden bei GATC Biotech von Dr. Helge Schnerr (Leiter Marketing & Communication) begrüßt. Die Stipendiaten der „Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes“ zeigten sich beeindruckt von der Fülle an, bei der GATC Biotech angebotenen, Sequenziertechnologien.  Nach einer lebhaften Diskussion über den Schwerpunkt der GATC Biotech und die verschiedenen Anwendungsgebiete, in denen die Services der GATC Biotech zum Einsatz kommen, gab es für die Stipendiaten einen kurzen Einblick in das NGS-Labor und dien Serverraum mit 160 Servern.

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