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from left to right: Scarlett Weigel, Sebastian Raths, Sarah Lehmann, Thomas Pankau, Ulla Hoeder, Stefan Helldorf, Chaouki Tebarki, Michael Klein

Opening of new laboratories in Cologne with 14 new employees

With help of many hands the laboratory in Düsseldorf has been moved to new laboratories in Cologne. By opening the European Custom Sequencing Centre in Cologne we have more than doubled the capacity of the labs in Düsseldorf.

The new location provides sequencing technology on 420m² and a friendly ambience for our employees. The existing team has considerably grown. We are happy that 14 well-trained staff members have started their jobs some months ago which will now actively support the team. Further positions will be created within the following months.

The new labs help us to extend our sequencing capacity. Cologne as a central location in Europe provides a quick and direct connection to the airport – and to our clients.



Düsseldorf ist jetzt in Köln…


Eröffnung neuer Labore in Köln mit 14 neuen Mitarbeitern

Mit großem Einsatz unserer Mitarbeiter meisterten wir den Umzug des Düsseldorfer Labors nach Köln. Mit der Eröffnung des European Custom Sequencing Centre in Köln haben wir die Kapazität des Labors Düsseldorf mehr als verdoppelt.

Der neue Standort bietet Sequenziertechnologie auf 420m² und ein freundliches Ambiente für unsere Mitarbeiter. Außerdem hat sich das Düsseldorfer Team deutlich vergrößert. Wir freuen uns über 14 neue Mitarbeiter, die in den letzten Monaten ausgebildet und eingelernt wurden und nun an das Team tatkräftig unterstützen. Weitere Arbeitsplätze werden während der nächsten Monate geschaffen.

Mit der Eröffnung der neuen Labore bauen wir unsere Sequenzierkapazitäten weiter aus. Köln, als zentraler Standort in Europa  bietet eine optimale Logistikanbindung zum Flughafen – und zu unseren Kunden.

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by Pavithra  
 18:02 Uhr

I recently ordered light read bar codes. I am disappointed that the reads have been very poor compared to normal ones.

by Govindprasad  
 10:40 Uhr

Hi, Could you please let me know how long will it take to send sequencing results for watchbox-534265 . Thanks

by Jochen  
 14:41 Uhr

Dear Pavithra,
we are aware that the data quality strongly depends on the provided quality of the premixed template. That’s why it is imminent to follow the template specifications ( as strictly as possible. Of course, we are here for you in case of any questions you may have. We suggest you give us a quick call so that we can discuss your requirements.

by Christian  
 14:34 Uhr

@Govindprasad: Thank your very much for your comment. Our custom sequencing support team is taking care of your question. If you have further questions reagrding your specific sequencing order, please contact our custom sequencing support team directly. All relevant contact details are found on our website: Have a great day!

by Gourion  
 12:19 Uhr


Is there any problem with your "night express" service those days?

by Christian  
 10:48 Uhr

@Gourion: Thank you very much for your question. Our customer service is going to contact you.

by Crister  
 10:14 Uhr

Dear Sir, I tried to register as a new customer yesterday but I still have not got any password from you. Have I done something wrong?

by Christian  
 10:44 Uhr

Hi Crister,
we have been sending the password again. Please check your spam filter. If you still do not receive your password, please contact our customer service:
All the best!

by Jan  
 10:30 Uhr

A warm welcome to Cologne to you guys, I hope our night Express are now getting even faster, as we can nearly deliver them by our own now ;-)


by Christian  
 11:28 Uhr

Thank you Jan! :)

by Ivan  
 15:49 Uhr

I sent 18 samples on Tuesday, I haven't hear anyting.

Could you please find out?


by Christian  
 16:06 Uhr

Thanks Ivan. Our service team is going to get in touch with you directly.

by Aaron  
 19:45 Uhr

What's going on with my sequencing? Did moving your facilities to Germany effect the speed of processing the samples?

by Aaron  
 11:02 Uhr

Within 2 weeks GATC managed to loose my samples twice! Although the sequencing results GATC provides are usually good, I am not so happy with the professionallity of managing the samples.

by Christian  
 16:45 Uhr

Dear Aaron,

thank you very much for your comment. We are very sorry for the trouble you are facing at the moment. And we are aware that unfortunately logistic problems occur. Please be assured, that we do our outmost to solve your case as soon as possible.

My colleague got in contact with you recently. If there are still some open questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service directly via phone: +44 207 691 4921

I hope this was helpful for you.

Kind regards,

by Muhammad Usman  
 15:26 Uhr

We have shiped total 98 vials today, containing DNA and Primers for sequencing. Online sequencing order is also placed. The samples will reach to GATC in next week.

by Christian  
 15:41 Uhr

Thank you Muhammad!

by Simone  
 19:10 Uhr

Dear GATC,
please send us new GATC-Boexle. Thank you very much.

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