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New sample requirements

 10:42 Uhr

We adjusted our sample requirements, added primer conditions and recommendations for sample delivery!


Check it out:


Illumina just released a new version of its TruSeq DNA and RNA Sample Prep kits which feature 24 unique indexes. The kits enable the pooling of up to 24 samples per lane, which is just perfect for the sequencing of e.g., large numbers of small viral or prokaryote genomes while greatly reducing costs! According to our contact person at Illumina they are already available for order and we should receive the first kits in a couple of weeks. These are great news, as we are already kind of awaiting those kits. Especially since by using the TruSeq v3 Cluster and SBS kits we have been able to tremendously increase our HiSeq 2000 data output and data quality and now produce about 600 gigabases per run.
Please contact us for an offer.

Looking forward to receive your request,

Join the NGFN meeting

 11:00 Uhr

Meet us at the NGFN meeting in Berlin, 26-28 September.


Discuss your project with our experts:

Dr. Monika Dzuganova, Next Gen Specialist

Dr. Thorsten Kurz, Director Production Next Gen Sequencing

Dr. Kerstin Stangier, Director Business Development


Ask us for special discount for whole human genome and all exom projects!




 15:32 Uhr


GATC Biotech has a booth and you can meet us during the conference, 18-21 September, in Goettingen.


I will also give a talk on Tuesday, 20th at 6:45 pm: Characterization of Microbial Ecological Systems: a Multiplatform Approach.

Detailed information can be find here:


See you at the ProkaGENOMICS,


Meet us just around the corner

 09:25 Uhr

Meet us just around the corner


  • Thursday, 15 September: workshop, 5 pm-6:30 pm, GfG, Wuerzburg
  • Monday, 19 September: talk, 4:00 pm-4:15 pm MipTec, Basel
  • Tuesday, 20 September: talk 6:45 pm-7:00 pm, ProkaGENOMICS, Goettingen


We will also have a booth at


  • Prokagenomics, Goettingen, 18-21 September
  • MipTec, Basel, 19-20 September
  • NGFN meeting, Berlin, 26-28 September


Looking forward to meeting you at least at one of the four events :-)


Attend the "Next Generation Sequencing for Research and Genomics" User Group Meeting on next Monday, 19 September in Basel during the MipTec.


I will give a talk at 4 pm with the title "Multiplatform-based sequencing" and give some new information on our PacBio RS. Registration for the MipTec can be done online and is for free.

More info:


See you in Switzerland,


It enjoyed extreme-hiking on Kilimandscharo, a wonderful safari in the Serengeti, relaxing on the Great Wall of China, cooling down at the arctic Circle, hugging a cute monkey, swimming with well-known nemo fish, and a lot more…  - The Böxle had an exciting time in Australia, Africa, Asia, America, and Europe, … (Check more out photos here:

This year’s böxle on holidays competition was also extraordinary. The race was dramatic at the end,  when four photos duked it out for the iPods. Then, one week after the competition was already closed, we had to disqualify two photo due to age restriction. The participant was under 18 years old. This was a hard decision even for us, as the participant who enteren them actually had a great race and would have won two iPods… But fair is fair, we have to apply the same rule to everyone. We got a lot of feedback regarding the conditions of entry and we will take it all into account for the next competition.

We want to thank everyone for contributing so many beautiful Böxle photos! We are really impressed by the number and the quality of the photos you uploaded. And we want to thank everyone for taking party in the voting. We wish you all the best!

PS: At the moment we are preparing another exciting competition. So ”stay tuned” on


Reminder! Workshop at the GfG!

 16:21 Uhr

Don't forget to meet us in Würzburg at our "Next Generation Sequencing" - Workshop on Thursday, 15 September!


Find more Details in our previous blog.

See you next week,


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