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Thanks to everyone for contributing many great Böxle photos!  There are only 7 days left on the great "GATC-Böxle on Holidays Competition 2011".


It seems that the race for 1st and 2nd place has ended - or has it? At least 8 photos are competing for the 3rd Prize (iPod Shuffle): Only 13 "likes" seperate 3rd and 10th place. We are very excited and looking forward to the results next Wednesday, August 31st 2011 9:59pm (CET).


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Attend the "Next Generation Sequencing" Workshop on Thursday, 15 September in Würzburg during the Annual Conference of the German Genetics Society (GfG).


17:00   Welcome; K.A. Stangier, Director Business Development, GATC Biotech (Konstanz/DE)
17:05   Pacific Biosciences Single Molecule Real Time (SMRT) DNA sequencing  system – technology, current & future applications;  R. Vogelsang, Sales Manager for Central Europe, Pacific Biosciences (Menlo Park/US)
17:30   Multiplatform project examples: combining 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation  sequencing for analysis of genomes and transcriptomes; K.A. Stangier, Director Business Development, GATC Biotech (Konstanz/DE)
17:50    The Value of Digital Sequencing; R. Babiel, VP & Project Lead 454 Sequencing, Roche Diagnostics GmbH  (Penzberg/DE)
18:15    Round table discussion and questions (all speakers)

Detailed information can be find here:

Please remark that you do not need to be registered for the GfG conference to attend the workshop!

Looking forward to seeing you there,

Feels great to me…. With all the leading sequencing technologies from ABI to GSFLX+, HiSeq 2000 and at least PacBio RS including bioinfo inhouse, we’re “fully furnished” with the latest technologies!

We’re really happy to provide PacBio RS officially now. Production has started, lots of projects are already scheduled.

Feel free to contact us. Our Next Gen Sequencing specialists will gladly discuss individual project design including multiple platform approaches with you!

PacBio workshop for the GATC team

 17:59 Uhr
|   by Elke Decker

Tough studying time on a hot summer afternoon: Ralph and Tobi from Pacific Biosciences trained the global sales team in all technical, scientific and sales aspects of the SMRT technology while doing several test runs on the instrument. They gave the team a very deep insight into the PacBio and revealed quite some valuable tips and hints. Had they been secrets so far?


Thanks for the trust, coaches!



Talent im Land und bei uns

 16:31 Uhr
|   by Elke Decker

Sechszehn hochbegabte Schülerinnen und Schüler der Initiative „Talent im Land Baden-Württemberg und Bayern“, waren heute vormittag bei uns zu Besuch. Was für Schnell-Lerner! Freitag Anreise an den Bodensee, über’s Wochenende Crashkurs in Genetik und Montag bei GATC Einführung in Next und Third Generation Sequencing durch Heike Hegele und Thorsten Kurz. Wie selbstverständlich brachten sie ihre am Sonntag eigenhändig präparierten DNA-Samples zur Sequenzierung mit. Die Ergebnisse werden sie morgen erhalten. Ich habe diese jungen Menschen im Verdacht, dass sie sich schneller in die Thematik einarbeiten können als wir DNA sequenzieren. Das nächste Mal halten wir ihnen sofort einen Arbeitsvertrag unter die Nase. 


So viel Spaß an einem ganz gewöhnlichen Montag Morgen haben wir nicht jede Woche.


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